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JAN 12

Filming in the city of Atlanta

Atlanta, GA

Our Story

We’ve loved every minute of our journey

Mandarin Manhattan

On this day, we stumbled on the early start of the Chinese New Year parade in Manhattan New York. This day seemed to be the coldest day of the year and everyone’s faces had tears in their eyes from the cold air but people were still enjoying the celebration. We could see the excitement building as the fast cars were being rolled out. Everyone including the kids were going to stay out in the streets and bare the cold air to enjoy this parade. There was absolutely no parking anywhere without paying close to 30usd an hour (if you could find it). All-in-all this was a wonderful day for filming!

Floating Island

Another super cold day in New York…On this day we decided to film the Statue of Liberty but this time we took the ferry from New Jersey and not New York…As a note pay attention to what ferry you take to Ellis Island. Because there are many ferries coming and going to the Statue from both New York and New Jersey. We took two round trips across the Hudson on the ferry in super cold January. But at least the hot coffee on the cold ferry kept us warm…kind of…a little… okay not really... LOL